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Spring Open House

March 24, 2018  9am-2pm 



Join us for our annual open house at our Factory/Store at 636 Coopers Mills Rd. Windsor, Maine. This is a great opportunity to learn about Maine’s largest beekeeping supply manufacturer and see the products in person.  

  • Save money and get ready for spring!  Discounts on scratch and dent items available.
  • Door Prizes and Raffle - Win a Complete Hive or Nuc Box!
  • Check out our store stocked with beekeeping supplies.
  • Meet other local beekeepers
  • Visit with and get your questions answered by local experienced beekeepers Jean Vose and Peter Lammert.
  • Demonstrations of installing packages and nucleus colonies (indoors, without bees!)
  • Refreshments, coffee, and drinks provided by the Sheepscot General Store
  • Pre-order from Betterbee and pick up at our Humble Open House for free. (Contact Betterbee to place orders by 3/19/2018)
  • Woodenware assembly demonstrations

Please pre-order so we can have your order ready if possible.


We are now sold out of our spring nucs.




New Products For March

Flat Varroa Monitor Tray

This multifunctional tray can be used t...

Combo Mouse Guard/Closure

This mouse guard for beehives serves as...

1 LB. Yellow Beeswax

Cleaned Yellow Beeswax has been heated ...


Monthly Specials For March

Swarm Catcher Hive 10 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 10 Frame Hive kit mak...

$74.55 $70.82Save: 5% off
Swarm Catcher Hive 8 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 8 Frame Hive kit make...

$69.65 $66.17Save: 5% off
Essential Hive 8 Frame

The Essential 8 Frame Hive kit includes...

$108.30 $102.89Save: 5% off
Essential Hive 10 Frame

The Essential 10 Frame Hive includes wh...

$118.10 $112.20Save: 5% off
3-Way Queen Mating Nuc

NEW! Available in February 2018. Our ne...

$52.24 $49.78Save: 5% off